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What is Citizenship?

Being a Canadian citizen means working together with other Canadians to help improve Canada and continually shape our policies, institutions, and goals to reflect the experiences of all citizens equally. Read about who can be a Canadian citizen, and their rights and responsibilities here

What is Democracy?

In a democracy, citizens have the right to participate in government. Canadian citizens can vote to elect someone to represent them at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government. Band councils are also often democratically elected and make decisions for First Nations communities at a local level.

How Can You be an Active Citizen?

Being an active citizen can involve voting, making or signing petitions, organizing community activities, or campaigning for elections. An active citizen upholds human rights for all people and values Canada’s democratic government.

What Makes a Good Leader?

A good leader is responsible, honest, open-minded, inspiring, encouraging, and a good listener. Who do you know that is a good leader?

What is Canada's Role Internationally?

Canada is proud to be a peacekeeping nation that stands up for human rights in times of international conflict, food and resource shortages, and the spread of disease.


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