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The Diefenbaker Collection is featured as part of the SaskCollections Database managed by the Museums Association of Saskatchewan (MAS). Work is being completed to photograph and research each item in the collection to make it available online to the public which will be rolled out slowly over the next few years.

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Diefenbaker Canada Centre Collections Mini-Series: The Coins of Canada

In this Diefenbaker Canada Centre mini docuseries, you’ll get to take a look at five vintage collector’s coin-books from the McBrien Coin Collection. Take a trip through Canada’s numismatic history, and learn about the evolution of Canada’s coinage from the time of confederation and into the mid-20th century.

Part One: Canadian Maritime Coinage

In this video, you’ll learn about the variety of different coins minted for Canada’s maritime provinces prior to their entrance into Confederation. From Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, see the variety in denominations and symbols used over nearly 100-years of numismatic history!

Part Two: Canada’s 1-Cent Coins

In part two of this series, track the transformation of Canada’s smallest denomination of coin. Though the penny isn’t in circulation anymore, it was once one of Canada’s most important coins.

Part Three: Canada’s 5-Cent Coins

From silver to nickel and steel, the 5-cent coin underwent a dramatic change during Canada’s early history. Check out part three of our numismatic series to learn how Canada’s smallest current denomination came to exist in its current form!

Part Four: Canada’s 10-Cent Coins

The dime’s iconic sailboat hasn’t always been a part of the average Canadian’s pocket change! In this video, you’ll see how the 10-cent piece turned into its iconic modern form.

Part Five: Canada’s Silver Dollar

Before the Loonie, there was the George! In the final part of this mini-series, you’ll see the short yet spectacular run of Canada’s silver dollars. Today, these coins are special collector’s items, and each help to tell a story about Canada’s journey as a nation.

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