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Image: Chief Whitecap and John Lake statue featured in Wa Pa Ha Ska online exhibit. 

Wa Pa Ha Ska: Whitecap Dakota First Nation

(1763-2012) Dief Legacy Icon

An exhibited curated in partnership between the Diefenbaker Canada Centre and Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

The Appointment of Ellen Fairclough as Canada's First Female Cabinet Minister

(1950-1963)  In Class Materials Icon

Fairclough triumphed in the face of difficulty; she endured the discrimination she faced as a woman in the workplace. Learn more about Ellen Fairclough's life and political achievements in this online exhibit. 

The Federal Elections of 1957-1958

(1957-1958)  In Class Materials Icon

The Liberals had been in power since 1935 and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, with newly-elected leader John G. Diefenbaker, was confident that they could make electoral inroads. View this online exhibit to learn more about the campaigning and elections that took place in 1957 and 1958.