Travelling Exhibits

"I have one love — Canada; one purpose — Canada's greatness; one aim — Canadian unity from Atlantic to the Pacific."

- The Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker, P.C.,
13th Prime Minister of Canada

In order to engage with diverse groups and to increase public interest and access to Canadian heritage, history, and politics the Diefenbaker Canada Centre brings travelling exhibits to museums and public events across the province and attends many local cultural and community events.

If your community has an event and would like to host an exhibit from the Diefenbaker Centre please contact us and we will arrange a visit!

Teachers and Principles - We are also able to set up a mobile exhibit in your school for a period of time, enabling students to interact with Canadian history in a unique way outside of the classroom setting.

Please contact us for details on the exhibits we offer and availability.

Exhibit Details

“One Canada: Diefenbaker’s Vision” explores the goals of Canada’s 13th Prime Minister to create an equitable country that derives strength from diversity. Produced by the Diefenbaker Canada Centre (DCC), this exhibit will spark conversations about nationalism, identity, human rights, and how we as Canadians view our country as a unified nation.

Information about other travelling exhibits created by the Diefenbaker Canada Centre coming soon.