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Power and Privilege in Saskatchewan Museums

Helanna Gessner

Power and Privilege in Saskatchewan Museums created a space where Indigenous peoples and museum professionals explored how museums can support and empower Indigenous self-determination instead of dictating Indigenous history from colonial perspectives. The exhibit Opikinawasowin: Growing Métis Children, created in partnership with the Diefenbaker Canada Centre (DCC) and Métis artist Leah Marie Dorion, was used as a case study for participants to discuss museum engagement with Indigenous communities. The 11 participants at the discussion circle on May 19, 2023 evaluated and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the exhibit and help identify ways in which museums can engage in anti-racism and reconciliation in Saskatchewan museums. Using live note taking, multiple recurring themes were identified and compiled into the Power and Privilege in Saskatchewan Museums report.   


This project was funded by SaskLotteries through the SaskCulture Multicultural Initiatives Fund